We at Textile icon believe in only providing the best. We also believe in challenging ourselves to strive for excellence! We are continuously innovating to improve our systems, services, processes and quality of our products. It is due to this consistent dedication towards innovation that we have gained our success, name and credibility in the home textiles industry.
Textile icon, founded in 2011; is, today, a diversified company with sales of over 50 Million US dollars. Our management team consists of the best to offer the organization, and our competent and dedicated workforce ensures that all our customer needs are met to their complete satisfaction.
The home textiles industry is an ever-changing one; the processes, standards, products and competition are constantly shifting; and to succeed, we adapt ourselves to always remain ahead of the curve.



We are dyeing fabric from Noor Fatima Textile, Dawood usman Textile.

They have dyeing machines for dyeing cotton fabric and a fully computerized high temperature jet-dyeing machine to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester. A well-equipped laboratory ensures all dyed fabric is properly checked, as per buyer’s requirements, for factors such as shrinkage, color fastness, etc


Finishing department at Icon. Comprises of automatic hydro-extractors for the removal of moisture from dyed fabric, computerized tensionless dryers for instant fabric drying, soft-setting and calendaring machines for complete shrinkage control, and panel wash machines and tumble dryers for panel washing the fabric to giving minimum shrinkage value.


4 cutting units working under the supervision of skilled unit managers, these cutting units are well equipped with latest machinery including Gerber Plotter, Auto Spreader, Auto cutter


With over 150 stitching machines, manned with the most skilled and expert operators. The Quality control and Quality Assurance departments are in place to make sure the company’s objective of zero defect.

Computerized Bar coding and Back Track systems provide Textile Icon 100% predictability and tracking performance

Lab Quality

There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from Raw cotton, yarn fabric, processing, cutting, stitching and packing.

Before the fabric is cut, it is checked whether is it conform to the customer’s standers of shrinkage

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At Textile Icon, we understand the importance of brands and maintaining them to the highest standards. We support and supply to some of the biggest brands in the industry locally as well as internationally, and we also produce several luxury lines of our own. Brand value, if properly inculcated, can lead to exponential returns for business and perseverance to make our brand our strength. We strive to enhance our brand equity by ensuring that all needs and specifications of our clients are met in the most convenient and hassle-free environment with strict adherence to quality standards.

Quality and excellence are a culmination of various factors, often starting from the raw materials, through manufacturing and finishing to the final end of retail and sale. Like most businesses, home textiles are also a product of a variety of interconnected processes and businesses, all of which need to collaborate seamlessly for exceptional products.


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